Candy Crush Saga 🍭🍩🍬 by King 👑 Space Event finished no buster Gameplay #109 ✅

Candy Crush Saga Level 109
Candy Crush Saga Stage 109
Candy Crush Saga by

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This is stage/Level 109 of Candy Crush Saga another sweety game by, where you have to bring 3 same sweeties in a row or line. Additional you have to find a column or row of three same items including a bottle to fill up the field.

Candy Crush Saga is the follow-up of the famous game Candy Crush Saga.

Description of the producer:

Game Candy Crush Saga online! It is a new sparkling adventure that deletes your thirst for fun now! Join Kimmy in this brand new game with new sweets, modes, and challenges your ability to combine looking after her sister Tiffi. licious!

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